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MSecure Endpoint Antivirus Business

MSecure™Next Generation Technology helps to detect new threats based on file and URL reputation. Unknown suspicious samples are collected and automatically processed to our cloud™ system.

One of the best performance and detection products

In our labs, we harness Artificial Intelligence and develop the world’s most advanced technologies to offer you one of the best virus detection rate in the world, without slowing down your devices.








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Total Detection


We build what you need, easy to use by any novice. No configurations required. Lightning fast installation & runs in the back ground in silent mode without any interruption. Light on your system resources, you don’t even notice it’s running in the background & protecting you.

Proactive, real-time protection

MSecure Code Emulations is to proactively identify previously-unknown malware in realtime . MSecure Antivirus System is a single, unified, scanning engine that provides comprehensive protection without compromising speed, stopping of zero-day threats as they emerge. Realtime Protection runs inside the windows kernel checking for malicious activity & prevents even before it can execute & removes all traces of virus,spyware,malware & other threats from the process and registry.

Fastest performance

With MSecure, it’s not necessary to sacrifice speed for detection. Scanning and update processes happen behind the scenes without a perceptible decrease in performance, keeps employees productivity by minimizing the impact on their systems

Removable device protection

Prevents and eliminates virus which launches automatically and creates distribution points to spread from removable devices to other systems. Allow/Blocks file to be executed from USB drives. Allow/Blocks copying files to USB drives. Allow/Blocks autorun files. Prompt for password protection on access of USB drive. Logs the complete history of USB drive access along with copied file to USB driver.

Virus definition

Small hourly footprints, which carries generic definitions of thousand of malicious code in a single sample to Identify and remove broad range of virus, spyware, malware & other threats.

Network update server

Network Update Sever functionality provides central update download & distribute the update to the workstation in LAN & WAN to decrease bandwidth. Centrally deploys small and frequent Updates, without affecting network bandwidth and system performance.

Remote administrator console

This is perhaps one of the greatest features that MSecure offers. It has a very powerful management tool making everything centralized. This is easy-to-use allowing administrators to deploy, manage and maintain systems in various locations.