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Core Mission – keep it simple, effective, & affordable

Core Mission – keep it simple, effective, & affordable

Our mission has always been to make a product that simply works without any fuss, and does so for an affordable price. Our development team is constantly refining the system to make it work better, faster, and more intuitively. Our technical engineers are sticklers for keeping things neat, tidy, and running as efficient as possible. And our support staff bends over backwards on a daily basis to resolve issues for our customers. All of these elements harmonize to create an organization that gets better and better with every passing day. We love what we do and are excited to be serving our fantastic customers.

Proactive Approach

Proactive Smart Code Emulations strength lies in proactive detection of known and unknown threats like, virus, Trojan, worms, spyware, phishing, adware and malware. layer checks all downloaded and modified files The best: You won’t even notice it’s there for you 24/7.

Nimbus Sandbox Threat Capture

Capturing unknown cyber threats. MSecure Proprietary cutting-edge technology Nimbus Sandbox captures unknowns files and sends them to the MSecure Threat Labs for Real-time Analysis to keep you safe.

Speedo-Lighting Speed

The new proprietary cutting-edge technology Speedo scanner and threat updates from MSecure scan engine is our most lightweight software yet.We'll be running a significant portion of our threat analysis in Sandbox-and without slowing down your system.

Zero day protection

Websites have malicious code hidden in them. Or they are used to launch malicious or phishing attacks. The MSecure Web Protection scanner checks the URL that come up in your searches and prevents cyber crooks from entering your system

URL Categorization intelligence

The MSecure url database has the largest, most accurate collection of website category information available. It contains millions of unique websites, broken down into more than 100+ categories, in addition to clear, accurate and lightweight reputation ratings for URLs, domains, etc. MSecure URL Categorization intelligence provides a simple, straight-forward implementation that supports the a local mirror of the master MSecure URL DB, with continuous updates for new URLs as they are categorized.

Auto categorization intelligence

The advanced, self-learning MSecure network, continuously scans the Internet for pages with dynamic content (e.g. search, social networking or blogging sites). It uses real time webpage

USB Guard

MSecure Device Protection(Data Loss Prevention-Mass Storage) toward your data theft, denying access to unauthorized devices.

Global OEM partner program for White Label / Rebrand solution

You can significantly grow your business and increase revenue with our white label solutions. white label program works by providing a completely branded version from our software portfolio under the your name.